Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rewind Wednesday: Rocket Ship !

A couple months back as a unit we were challenged to come up with a theme for an upcoming initiative at work. The initiative centered around nurses taking at least five minutes out of their day to sit down with their patients and family just to get to know them and vice versa.

To kick off the initiative and get nurses to think in terms of "Commit to Sit"
their was a contest held. The contest was extended to all units and the only requirement was the incorporation of a chair design with a theme to explain "Commit to Sit".
 Our theme was developed by a nurse of mine Holly. She gave me the slogan "Close Encounter of the Nurse-Kind" , it was a little before my time but with some research and sketching this is what we came up with.

My director, myself, and my manager :)

Basically it was a sci-fi movie pretty popular back in the day. We used the slogan "Close Encounter of the Nurse-Kind" to explain the relationship that develops between our nurses and their patients. We take their discomforts and worries that propel them "out of this world" and reassure them and educate them "back to Earth".
Craft wise this baby took me three days to finish, mostly because I was at work the entire weekend on the floor beneath my desk trying to perfect the perfect moon surface... *ugh* ... Curse last minute contests!

Anywho the person in the chair is modeled after Holly ( even has the same scrubs,highlights,and eyebrow color ha ha ) it was totally unintentional! I used literally everything but the kitchen sink from paper towel rolls, to denture holders, to balloons, Christmas ornament, sterile gloves,and of course tons of paper! The whole design was my idea with credit to Holly for the 
The winning "Commit to Sit" Chair 

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Yummy Monday!

So yesterday on my only day off in over a week I spent it devouring food. We traveled to Downtown with Ethan in tow for a family day, which are few and far in between with me working so much. So this excursion got me to thinking what if I challenged myself to learn to cook and share it on my blog? So we wouldn't have to travel so far for some California Pizza Kitchen and some crave cupcakes?!

I decided to accept that challenge since well I manage to burn tortillas and over boil water ( yes that is such a thing ha ha) and that technically it falls between the guidelines of my blog so long as it is "Made with Love". Well starting soon hopefully I can share with you my trekking into the unknown territory of the culinary arts *ekkkk ... Wish me Luck! Until then enjoy these mouth drooling photos of my favorite cupcakes :)

Lemon my favorite!

Macadamia Nut

Red Velvet

The lot :)
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Monday, June 18, 2012

Cross Country Birthday Card!

So today I am pretty excited that a custom created card made by me will by traveling 1,302 miles to Michigan (I Google Maps'd it tee he he)! Yay!  So it is a pretty sentimental birthday card for a pretty special aunt of a coworker who will be turning 45! To think something I made will be sitting a mantel that far away and probably will make her cry is truly touching. Without further ado here are a couple pictures of the card :)


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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Cards

One of my Father's Day Cards :)

A card for a loving husband and father

My son gave this card to his Pee-paw

I want to take some time and with the use of this blog to thank the most amazing man in my life, my dad.
He has been there for me all my life to support me, to encourage me to follow my dreams, to pick me up when I have reached my lowest, and to always have my best interest at heart. He is my idol and role model, he came from practically nothing and against all odds he has become a successful entrepreneur and businessman not mention the best father and grandfather and a loving husband. With no formal college education he has worked his way up with blood, sweat, and perseverance (my father doesn't cry lol) all with a family in tow. He is whom I aspired to be ever since I was 5 years old and I wanted to be a soldier just like him, ha ha now all I want to do is make him proud all with my son in tow.
I may never look like him and he may not be able to donate blood to me if I ever needed it (with my accident prone self I probably would need it lol) but he is all that I have known and all that I will ever need and more. I am so proud to call him my dad and I am so grateful my son has a man like him in his life. :) So today I want to wish him and other fathers (biological, step, adoptive or even mother's who play both roles) a Happy Father's Day!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rewind Wednesdays: Silent Auction Basket

After a long two days away on my mini-vacation, I am back on the grind. *Le sigh* All good things must come to an end. :(

I am however excited to present the inspiration behind my Welcome Back Basket for my boss-lady.
So to give a brief overview, I was presented with the task of putting together a Silent Auction Basket for Nursing Education at the hospital I work for. After about three or four wins straight of these Nursing Operations projects I have a reputation to uphold! I have become known throughout the units for my craft skills and going above and beyond. :) (I'll be sure to feature some of my other wins on here when it comes up).

So during finals week (of course just my luck) I had three days to put together something I would be proud of.  Going off of the theme Ladies' Poker we gathered the troops and headed out for a fun packed day of SHOPPING! We hit up Barnes and Nobles (for some How to Books), Target (for the gift card and iPod and speakers all which create the perfect ambiance), the cutest wine glasses and accessories (TJ Maxx), and Specs (for the wine … which I got kicked out of; oh well it was for a good cause).

On display at the auction

Here is a closeup on some of the items

So our basket "won" raising the most money with over $300.00 for Nursing Education! Yay!
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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Motivational Monday : Boss Appreciation!

Hello fellow readers of the craft universe!
 So as usual I am broadcasting from work! I just finished a Gift Basket for my manager who will be back after surgery tomorrow! Yay! We have missed her terribly and in order to welcome her back properly and show that we care , my director asked me to make her a gift basket (after seeing a recent winner of mine at a silent auction :) which I'll show in my Rewind Wednesday this week). After about two weeks of collections donated by the staff ,whom have all been very gracious in donating, here is what I came up with!

My inspiration for the whole basket

Coffee helping me wake up and draw circles

The beginning of the flowers.

Completed flowers.

Detailed butterflies spelling "Back".

The basket, left in her office to surprise her tomorrow morning!

So overall I based it off of all the things she loves: wine, cheese, and crackers, some cute coffee mugs ( one even  has a ceramic frog on the inside, super cute!) , the Lolita Stemless Wine Glasses (which I will link down below), an iTunes gift card for listening to jams at work, a reed diffuser ( Cilantro and Citrus I believe from Pier One) with some cute dragonfly reeds, some cute note cards, and of course her phone recharged with a new battery ready for work tomorrow morning! Oh before I forget there was this hilarious Hangover Emergency Kit that I found a Marshall's with some aspirin, some band-aids, a whistle and a bracelet ha ha! I thought it went perfectly with the wine and would make her laugh so why not?!

Well thanks for stopping by look forward to my next post Wednesday , I will be going out of town to San Antonio for some well deserved fun in the sun at Schlitterbahn and of course the San Antonio Riverwalk with my boo thang! Hopefully I will find some inspiration and come back with a lot of pictures to share!

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

21st Birthday Card!

So guess what it is Saturday and I am stuck at work?! Go figure....Tonight is one of my best friends' 21st birthday and due to the fact I work in an ICU craft supplies are few and far in between. Luckily I keep a stack of craft paper in my car otherwise her card would have been made with doctors progress notes and a couple lab slips tied together with some IV tubing. Yay for always being prepared!

Armed with only a tape dispenser, scissors, ruler, pencil, sharpie, and of course my pretty paper and trusty phone! I came up with this... Cross my finger she likes it!
My mission should I choose to accept it ...

I took inspiration from the shape of martini glasses since well now she can drink!

I can't wait until I am 21... le sigh....

I have this affinity for rhyming ... Sometimes I don't even realize I am doing it

On the back on the left- hand side because it is closer to your heart!

Well thanks for stopping by! I have so many ideas in my head right now but so little time with constantly working but soon my little craft trekkies! I can't wait! Be sure to keep stopping by and thanks again! Got to go save some lives one paper cut at a time!
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 Jazmin :)
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