Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rewind Wednesday: Rocket Ship !

A couple months back as a unit we were challenged to come up with a theme for an upcoming initiative at work. The initiative centered around nurses taking at least five minutes out of their day to sit down with their patients and family just to get to know them and vice versa.

To kick off the initiative and get nurses to think in terms of "Commit to Sit"
their was a contest held. The contest was extended to all units and the only requirement was the incorporation of a chair design with a theme to explain "Commit to Sit".
 Our theme was developed by a nurse of mine Holly. She gave me the slogan "Close Encounter of the Nurse-Kind" , it was a little before my time but with some research and sketching this is what we came up with.

My director, myself, and my manager :)

Basically it was a sci-fi movie pretty popular back in the day. We used the slogan "Close Encounter of the Nurse-Kind" to explain the relationship that develops between our nurses and their patients. We take their discomforts and worries that propel them "out of this world" and reassure them and educate them "back to Earth".
Craft wise this baby took me three days to finish, mostly because I was at work the entire weekend on the floor beneath my desk trying to perfect the perfect moon surface... *ugh* ... Curse last minute contests!

Anywho the person in the chair is modeled after Holly ( even has the same scrubs,highlights,and eyebrow color ha ha ) it was totally unintentional! I used literally everything but the kitchen sink from paper towel rolls, to denture holders, to balloons, Christmas ornament, sterile gloves,and of course tons of paper! The whole design was my idea with credit to Holly for the 
The winning "Commit to Sit" Chair 

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